Sunday, 3 March 2013

Desecration of our ancestors graves!!

Having just read a post about the destruction of headstones at a cemetery in Western Australia and possibly next in South Australia, I am compelled to share the details here in my blog as well.

Even though I live in Victoria and have no ancestors actually buried in the affected cemeteries, if this is allowed to happen there it could well continue to happen all over the country.

These precious headstones are memorials to our country's pioneering ancestors and their descendants.

YOUR / OUR  ancestors!

As Catherine, my fellow obsessed  passionate family historian of the blog Seeking Susan ~ Meeting Marie ~ Finding Family,  puts it so well in her post
 LEAVE OUR ANCESTORS ALONE!!!..   do please read it.

This desecration was written about by Crissouli at That Moment In Time in her blog post    HEARTBREAK IN WESTERN AUSTRALIA  where there are photos to show what is happening -  do please read it.

And then PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE click HERE to sign Sandra Playle's petition "West Australian Government: bring an end to the clearing of headstones in West Australian Cemeteries." 

saving graves WA


  1. Thankyou so much Kerryn for this post and sharing this very important info with your readers. The more people who speak the better.
    Thanks to everyone who have taken this "on board" and expressed their concern by signing the petition.
    With very best wishess to all, Catherine

    1. thank you for bringing it to my attention Catherine.

  2. Unfortunately it is already happening in South Australia Kerryn, I've been trying to photograph as many headstones as possible in Payneham cemetery before they're removed and destroyed and uploading them to Billion Graves for everyone to share. Hopefully I'll be able to get there some more when the weather cools down.

    1. That is so sad Kylie. Good on you for doing something positive!

    2. Thank you, Kylie... I cannot believe that in this vast land of ours, one that is so proudly built by the sweat and toil of courageous pioneers in what must have been such trying circumstances, that there are those with total disrespect for the resting places of our ancestors.

      What would they feel if it was the grave of their loved ones that they unceremoniously were destroying?

  3. Oh No Kylie!!! :-( ... I'll have to check this out. Have rellies buried their too. Have had enough trouble already with the Cheltenham Cemetery in South Australa :-( Phew!!! We have to stop this!!!

  4. Thanks for the link back and your post highlighting what is happening in West Australia and South Australia... let's shout this from the rooftops with the intent of stopping this from happening everywhere.

    Please take a moment to sign the petition, write and share... we need many voices so our horrified pleas can be heard.